Who are we?

3 feminists from 3 different Danubian countries (Germany, Romania and Hungary) that found each other in the Danube Campaigns Bootcamp in Budapest. Eventhough we are coming from different societal contexts we are all women striving for equal rights and a world free of discrimination. Feminism has impacted our lives in vastly different ways, but in the end the result was the same: We felt liberated and empowered. But unfortunately the word feminism as such has a bad connotation nowadays and our big goal is to change that.

Our campaign, D-Feminis focuses on bringing together feminists from the Danube region in order to share their stories and to strenghten solidarity. Why is this needed in the Danube region? Due to the growing of populism and nationalism in this region anti-feminism is on the rise in all of our countries. Hence feminists of all genders are facing similar challenges in their struggles. This brings up questions on how to react in situations being confronted with anti-feminist comments and behaviours. Therefore we want to raise awareness for a common problem we are facing and furhtermore plan to come up with a toolkit including conversational guidelines on how to deal with anti-feminism in a way of radical politeness. 

Our approach? We are going to take 3 simple steps :


Have you ever felt attacked, reduced and discriminated by antifeminist comments and behaviour? Have you ever been speachless in situations like this? You are not the only one! Share your story with us by sending it to our email addres ddanubefeminism@gmail.com and if you give the permission we will publish it annonimously on our web page [LINK]


We are going to invite the public to imagine being in the situations presented in the stories shared. How would you feel? What would you answer? Which arguments would you use? How would you react?


We will collect all your answers and analyse them in order to develop and publish a TOOLKIT inspired by radical politeness in order to deal with anti-feminism.

Our campaign is a call for action! It starts now! Get connected!

Support our cause because it’s everyone’s cause to believe that feminism is not something to be afraid of.