Purpose: Our campaign aims to raise awareness about the lack of the personalization, creativity, mobility and access of the modern school system in the countries of the Danube area. As people are different one from another, the education system should be focused more on the development of the individual abilities and creativity of the students, and not only just on providing them with academic skills. So by using hashtags like #DanubucatIon, #MyDanubucatIon, #Imatter, #Myvoice students can speak up their problems that they face in schools, and also propose solutions.

Why we must raise awareness over these problems?

In the most public/ state schools in Danube region, teenagers are overlooked if they don’t have high marks. Many teachers are not interested or don’t have enough time to help every student to find out their innate abilities and the fields in which they can excel. This leads to decline of motivation among students. Besides the fact they aren’t being motivated to take action in areas in which today’s society is faced with problems, there is also a big percent of students that drop out of school or do not want to follow further education. This also is related to the increase of the ignorant mass of people, followed by the growth of global problems, such as pollution, war, diseases, and to the loss of brilliant minds that could resolve them. Given the limited time to solve these problems, we must take action in empowering youngsters and teachers alike to place more importance on quality education by focusing more upon personalization, creativity and mobility in the learning process. So let’s act NOW before it’s too late! Let’s see the I in education!

Goals: Firstly, we want to make people more aware of the situation in public schools and make them take simple steps to improve it by posting their stories and solutions on social media under one of the hashtags mentioned above. The next step is to bring students, teachers and professionals together by organizing a bootcamp with the purpose of analyzing the problems and solutions that were submitted on social media. The main objective of this bootcamp is to identify what steps are needed to be taken in order to put pressure on the authorities and institutions in charge or related to the education field to make the change happen, which is our final goal.

Our Team:

Chris Wainwright – English and Business Teacher in Varna, Bulgaria (from UK)

Diana Georgiana Lutz – Masters Student in History, Romania