Doing it together in the spirit of a united Europe!

What is the EU about?
Is it about Brussels? Is at about the parliament? Is it about the commission?

We have another idea! We think the EU is about us,
about me, about you!

We are #Eyou

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this. Currently,
populist and nationalist parties are on the rise. Furthermore, people vote less
and seem to lose trust in the EU and its institutions. Therefore, we decided to
do something against it.

Why to act now?

EU parliamentary elections take place in May 2019,
that’s only 8 months from now. Until then, we want to improve the image of the
EU by our election and awareness campaign #Eyou.

What are our aims?

1. Mobilize people to go vote pro EU

2. Create an emotional link between European
inhabitants and the EU

3. Raise awareness of EU benefits such as freedom of

How will we do this?

We want to build our campaign on just one meaningful
symbol: A mirror!
It literally shows Europeans what the EU really is about: It is about us, me
and you! It is about individuals rather than institutions. This is what we
mean, when we talk about creating an emotional link.

Doing it together in the spirit of a united Europe!

We do not want to do this campaign on our own. We want
the be the ones to provide all the pro-European associations with one
encouraging campaign, so we can link our expertise and audience to increase our
outreach very fast! We want to be the link the was missing!

So now it is up to #Eyou!

Join us! Donate, to support us producing our campaign.
Share our hashtag to spread the idea. And finally, don’t forget to vote in May

Our Team:

We are four young ambitious Europeans trying to make a
We are: Eszter (Hungary), Jascha (Belgium), Réka (Hungary) and Max (Germany).