Save food, save money- order a half full plate!


We are a group of three young girls, who want to do something against the ernomous food waste every day*! And for this we need you, because:

When many small people, in many small places, do many little things, they can change the face of the world! Stefan Zweig

Did you know, that restaurants throw a lot of food away, 205000 tons a year! That is way too much. The topic of food waste is even next to saving power, regional food and animal protecting with about 94% the top topic in the catering area. 98% of the restaurateurs don’t want to waste food and 71% of them believe that food waste is also a very important topic for their guest. What means food waste to you? And what can you do to avoid food waste in the catering area? To reduce this amount many restaurants offer already to pack the leftovers, but is that really the solution?! We think No! To pack or wrap something just produces again waste and who can really promise, that this food is not getting mouldy in his own fridge?! We have to catch the problem by it’s roots! We need also the choice for smaller portions. When we can choose between a small, middle and big glas of juice, why can’t we also choose a small, middle or big portion of lasagne?! Let’s get active. Just wait before you order, take a breath and listen to you body. Ask yourself: How hungry am I ? And if your feeling not that hungry ask for a smaller portion, so you can not only save your pocket, you also save food and help to reduce waste.

Our way to success📈

  • having an own website
  • inform you about the problem
  • get your support on instagram
  • spread the hashtag #halffullplate and our message together with influencern on social media platforms
  • reach everyone until the restaurant manager
  • reduce world wide food waste

*an average German household throws every day 225 grams of food away, that are 1,6 kg a week and 81 kg a year! Doing so we are also throwing a lot of money into the bins, around 200- 250€ a year.