Komm together / Come zusammen

Komm together / Come zusammen2018-09-02T10:08:18+02:00

What are the reasons that make Europeans so afraid of other cultures?

We belive that many Europeans just never got in contact with the people behind the unknown culture!

So what?

We (three young people from three European Countries) are starting a campaign for a project to create a space of appreciation where people from various backgrounds can meet! We know: that will not clear all fears concerning migrants but we think get to know each other and spending time together is alway the first step!

How do we get people together – which probably dont want to meet?

We are planing a neutral sports, music and food event, which will take place in Mittweida (a small City in the East of Germany) and create a opportunity for people to interact and meet. A soccer celebrity will join and support our event and there will be music and food.

But what makes the approach different to existing campaigns?

We are going to pick up the people on the local level

What makes that kind of event special is the neutral plattform we are offering for the people from Mittweida and people with other cultural backgrounds. The event will include several activities for the participants and we do invite a soccer celebrity