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Diana Rusu
Spherik Accelerator

Diana holds degrees in Political Science, International Relations an European Studies and as Executive Director of Spherik Accelerator, an NGO based in Cluj Napoca, Romania, works with startups from Eastern Europe and CIS providing support in terms of product development, marketing and funding. She will train the participants in pitching their campaign ideas.

Luka Knežević Strika
Ne davimo Beograd

Luka Knežević Strika is a photographer and visual artist from Belgrade interested in the way visual communication is changing, especially the way people take and give imagery, intentionally and natively. He was part of the core team of the “Ne davimo Beograd” initiative and was involved in organising protests, the creative sector and social networks presence.

Dunya Ballout
Kleiner Fünf

Dunya studies political science and economics at the Albert-Ludwig University in Freiburg. She has been politically active since the age of sixteen and since then has been involved in various political and civil society initiatives in Germany such as the initiative “Kleiner Fünf”. She will give insight into social media campaigning and online organisation of civil society groups.

Frederik Gottschling
Kleiner Fünf

Frederik is a digital marketing and campaign expert and has 15 years experience. He runs on caffeine, loves mountains and tries to master beeing an edutainer. He’s worked for a lot of different brands, agencys and products – now it‘s time for some more meaningful projects.

Jakob Wolski
Infinity Deutschland

Jakob is Co-Founder and Head of Knowledge and Innovation at Infinity Deutschland e.V. In his role at Infinity and through his other projects he has acquired a broad knowledge pool around community management & engagement, and builds upon a large network of experts around crowdfunding as well as the experience from Infinity Mannheim’s crowdfunding campaign.

Duc Nguyen
Infinity / teamGLOBAL

Duc is a serial founder of social organisations, which focus on solving local problems with a global mindset. Before his business studies he was the head of the Lower Saxonian Youth Parliament and a peer-educator for teamGLOBAL. With his background on social entrepreneurship and education Duc is an ideal candidate to moderate our event.

Constanze Jeitler

Constanze is a parliamentary researcher and policy advisor for media and net politics at the Austrian parliament. She holds a degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of Vienna and graduated with a MA in Comparative History from Central European University in Budapest.

Eugen Albu

Eugen is an entrepreneur and campaigner with 15 years of experience in the communication and information management. He has received various prices and distinctions for his projects and competences as scientist and project manager and is now perusing a consulting job concerning strategic project development and respective communication policies.

Sofie Sonnenstatter

Sofie is project coordinator  and in charge of the contents and the overall implementation of the #DanubeCampaings Bootcamp. As project coordinator of the teamGLOBAL network and former volunteer in numerous international youth projects she has lots of experience in project management.

Nina Fries

Nina is in charge of the programme and methods of the #DanubeCampaings Bootcamp. She is CEO of DENK GLOBAL! and has extensive expertise in development of peer-education methods. Besides DENK GLOBAL! Nina is working in public education service.

Paul F. Langer

Paul is one of the founders of DENK GLOBAL! and has been in charge of the funding and the accounts of its projects. For the last 15 years he was also involved in multiple Danube Region related projects mostly linked to his work for the European Danube Academy.

Melanie Barlai
Andrassy University Budapest

Melani is reseach associate at the Network of Political Communication (netPOL) at the Andrássy University in Budapest, Hungary. She is co-founder and coordinator of the Hungarian online voting advice tool “Vokskabin”. Melani holds a PhD in Political Sciences, her focus of research is voting advice and the political system in Hungary.

Anna Czenthe
Andrassy University Budapest

As project assistant Anna ensures the smooth implementation of the workshop in Budapest. She studies International Relations at the Andrássy University of Budapest and has worked for several international youth programmes and conferences.