Quit the Bag

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How many of you use cloth bags instead of single-use plastic ones?

We all know plastic waste is a huge environmental problem yet a lot of us still don’t know how to avoid using single-use plastic bags.

There is a truck load of plastic waste entering our oceans every single minute. This is not only dangerous for the environment, but for our health too. Us humans have polluted the earth with so much plastic waste that microplastic is already in our food and drinking water. The latest research shows that the river which brings life to our region is facing this problem too.

We are three young activists concerned with the environment and come together to take action in the Danube region:

Daniel, who lives on the right bank of the river in Budapest, works with Greenpeace and is currently taking action to ban all plastic bags in his country.

Réka, who also lives in the Hungarian capital became concerned with this issue a few years ago, after having spent a semester in Berlin and realizing how far behind Hungary is in environmental protection. She strongly believes in the power of small communities and individual changes, that can eventually lead to a more sustainable and eco-friendly life for all of us.

Thomas, who comes from Italy, after having spent a summer in Sicily and seeing the piles of trash around that island, has decided to take action and participate in the Danube region project.

The Quit the Bag project which our team has come up with, enables YOU to finally ditch the unnecessary and polluting item which is the single-use plastic bag and take the next step to convince others to do so as well. Become the changemaker your neighborhood always needed and deserved.

We are preparing a toolkit for local activists like yourself. With QuitTheBag you will be able to make a change and be part of the revolution to end the single-use plastic era.

We are developing a website where you will be able to find all the useful materials; such posters, stickers and all the questions and answers you could think of. With these tools and knowledge you can motivate the local stores you visit every day to be plastic bag free.

You know we have to take action now before it is too late. If you help us we can be loud together and make a change.

And this is where YOU come in.

First we need your financial contribution to finalize our QuitTheBag toolkit to make it even more simple and efficient to motivate others to follow suit.

Secondly with your help we will be able to design and produce our sustainable cotton bag. What makes this bag unique? By purchasing this bag you will not only get a durable alternative for the single-use plastic bags, but also ignite the revolution against the throw away culture starting from your local store.

So QuitTheBag now in an environmental-friendly and stylish way.

You have a choice. There is life without plastic.